Solar Water Heating

How Does It Work

Solar water heating (SWH) panels have been adopted in homestead as a major source of power to heat water. If you are living in cold climate, then solar water panels is the best choice for you. Solar water heating panels use natural heat from the sun to generate electricity that can be used to heat water in homestead and industries. It capture and retain heat and transfer this heat to a liquid.

Active solar energy heating systems uses sun energy by converting it in to electric power that can be used to heat fluid either in liquid or gaseous state and later stored for use. Some solar panels are fitted with extra back up space that enables it to generate extra eclectic power thus making it more efficient to heat water.


Solar liquid collectors’ suit central heating; flat plate water collectors are also common. Soar water panes works in a simpler way, the liquid absorbs the solar heat for a specified period of time. When appropriate time is reached, the controller operates a pump circulating to the collector for storage purpose.

Solar water heating panels are efficient means of generating heat, they cost less than any other form of power generation while conserving the environment from any harmful pollutants.