Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

How Does It Work

Air source heat pumps are significant for absorbing heat from the external air. The heat is later used for heating radiators or warming air convectors as well as hot water in the home. The air source heat pumps, as it is known, will extract heat from the outer side of the air, just in the similar way refrigerators do extract heat from the inner sides. This is however applicable even during low temperatures. Significantly, these devices have immense impacts on the surrounding owing to the fact that they require electricity in order to run. Nonetheless, the heat extracted from the air, water or ground is normally renewed naturally.


  • There are low fuel bills particularly when replaced with conventional electric heating.
  • Does not require any fuel deliveries.
  • Requires very minimal maintenance.
  • Significant for heating home in addition to water.
  • Can easily be installed as opposed to ground source type.
  • Lower carbon emission in the home.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

How Does It Work

A ground source heat pump consists of an underground loop of water pipes plus a heat pump positioned at ground level. It harvests natural heat from mother earth by pumping water through it. The temperature is further increased by the heat pump and this heat can be used for home heating or as hot water.

It is worth noting that the longer the network of pipes, the larger the amount of heat produced.


To begin with, GSHPs are much cheaper to install and maintain compared to conventional heating systems. Second, they are fully automated and hence require less labor unlike gas boilers. They occupy little space since there is no need of space for fuel storage. This also reduces chances of theft of fuel.

Moreover, it is environmental friendly as it does not involve combustion which could emit potentially dangerous gases. GSHPs are simply silent, unobtrusive, safe and out-of-sight.

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