Domestic and Commercial Plumbing

How Does It Work

Biomass boiler is your great companion when winter season finds you helpless. It is designed to offer environmentally friendly heating in a more effective and efficient way. It works by using the simple materials such as logs or wood pellets to burn provide warmth. It is therefore very efficient and less costly compared to other forms of boilers that use fossil fuels. The heat that it provides can be used to boil hot water for indoor and commercial purposes. It is therefore one efficient way of reusing the renewable sources of energy in benefiting the environment.


Biomass boilers produce low amounts of carbon that is similar to the amount that is taken in by plants outdoor. Biomass boiler uses wood fuel and therefore users are most likely to benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive. You get the financial support when you use the Biomass boiler in your residential home or company. Besides, the ultimate costs you will get by using biomass boiler is comparatively cheaper compared to any other form of heating.