Air Conditioning Installation Leeds

You don’t have to sweat through the entire summer. It’s time to invest in air conditioning installation service for your Leeds property. RCM Installation Ltd. has highly-experienced and trained technicians that can install your air conditioner. We can also offer maintenance and repairs. If you have any inquiries, just fill up the contact form on our website.  

Keeping cool at home can be easy if you have the right air conditioning system in Leeds. There are generally 5 types of air conditioners that you can choose from. Each has its own advantages, and you can choose the most appropriate for you depending on how big your space is and your usage requirements.
• Window AC - This air conditioner is definitely one of the cheapest. It is also relatively easy to install.
• Tower AC - This type is for high capacity cooling and is suitable for large rooms. It does not need a wall or window for installation.
• Split AC – Like tower ACs, split type air conditioners don’t need a window for installation. It is less conspicuous than other types. It is also more silent than window air conditioners.
• Cube AC - One of the most cost-efficient models, the cube air conditioner has a diagonal propeller for fast cooling.
• Cassette AC - This model is installed on the ceiling, so it is ideal for space-saving requirements. It is also able to cool areas other air conditioners cannot.
If you need advice on which type of air conditioning system is best for your home in Leeds, contact RCM Installation LTD. We can offer air conditioning installation services in Leeds for any type of air conditioner model. If you have any inquiries, fill up the form here on our website. RCM Installation LTD has years of experience and provides quality craftsmanship. Give us a call at 0788 049 4723.
Air Conditioning Installation Leeds
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