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Benefits of Wind Power to the Society

Wind power is the energy that is extracted from wind or moving air. This process of extracting wind energy is done using wind turbines which convert wind energy into electrical power or mechanical power. This power is used to power wind pumps, propel ships and when the energy is produced in large scale it can be used in industries and homes.

Benefits of wind power to the society

Wind power also known as wind energy does not pollute the environment. This energy is clean and it does not pollute the air, water or contribute to increase in global warming as compared to coal plants, diesel power plants that produce a lot of sulphur dioxide nitrous oxide and other harmful gases that lead to increase in global warming.

Wind power is cost effective and least expensive compared to other renewable energy sources. There is no cost that is incurred in extracting wind and this means that the price of wind power will remain stable for power production in the long-term.

Wind power reduces the consumption of fossil fuel. If wind power is adopted in wider scale across all the countries in the world then it could reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The demand for gas and petroleum products would decrease to a greater extent. This would help to control the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere which contribute to increase in global warming.